Tess had always felt that she was strange, because of the way others reacted to her. She had difficulty making and keeping friends, because of her perception of how they saw her. Tess just wanted to have good friends, but always seemed to be outside the popular kids and isolated from the relationships that seemed to mean anything at school. She kept these feelings to herself putting on a strong front despite her perceived weaknesses.


Well, a week went by, and Grace had watched the video several times a day every day. After the third time she could watch without crying, and after the fifth time, she could be less critical of her movements. By the end of the week, Grace had watched it and just enjoyed the artful beauty of the dance, not even thinking about herself. She grew in her confidence and assurance that she could perform. Shelly called her near the end of the week and asked how she was feeling. Grace and Shelly had a nice chat and agreed to meet for practice, the next day.

Spatial Reasoning

John has designed some magnificent buildings. He still using his spatial reasoning all the time in all steps of the design process for the projects he is assigned. He is well known in his office for his reasoning skills as well as others come to him frequently to bounce ideas off him, because he is able to reason beyond what others are and give them direction in their designs.

Sammantha’s Gift

Samantha’s heart leapt in her chest again, just like it had in church. She paused and thought why did that happen? She sheepishly looked around to see if anyone had noticed a change in her, but no one had noticed. As she was hanging her finished painting her teacher walked up. He said how talented she was with her technique, and use of color to represent her winter scene. Her heart leapt again, she had all she could do not to jump up and down. Samantha instantly knew what was happening, she had found a gift provided through God’s grace.