Interconnected Reasoning

She soon discovered how history and science which was encompassed in this field. This was very exciting to her. She knew she had found just the right path for her abilities. Sarah used many tools to aide her to perform in writing in college and in the field, as well.


As Jonathan changed so did his impact on the swim team. He started taking on leadership roles with his team mates. He worked hard, always had positive encouraging words for others, and kept everyone positive in their thinking. Jonathan’s coach was so pleased with the growth he saw in Jonathan. He pulled Jonathan aside near the end of the season and shared with Jonathan how much of a leader he was for his team.

Assistive Tools

Wendy went to her teacher early in the class to address her dyslexia and to find out if this teacher would allow her to use her assistive tools. At first the teacher was hesitant about accepting the use of the tools, thinking they were unfair to the other students. It became plain to Wendy she would have to prove her tools were not unfair, but just allowed her to perform.