Bethany’s Prayer

My mind started to consider his message in my own life. It raised some serious questions for me. I have been having difficulty learning to spell and write in school, and it is obvious to me my brothers do not share in this weakness. My questions start with my dyslexia, is it a weakness that Christ Jesus would use his power to help?

Bullying Fiona

But later that afternoon between classes the same groups of students started in again with Fiona in the hallway. Fiona tried to explain calmly what her accommodations are for and how they assist her sharing what she knows. This was only by more bullying of her being dumb, stupid, and incapable. Fiona felt herself becoming more and more upset, and the more this happened the quieter she became. This caused her bullies to keep it up even more.


As Jonathan changed so did his impact on the swim team. He started taking on leadership roles with his team mates. He worked hard, always had positive encouraging words for others, and kept everyone positive in their thinking. Jonathan’s coach was so pleased with the growth he saw in Jonathan. He pulled Jonathan aside near the end of the season and shared with Jonathan how much of a leader he was for his team.