As the years passed Darcy benefitted from her special education and made gains. By the time she entered high school her need for help was reduced but still needed. As would be expected, the conversations about Darcy’s plans for the future seemingly needed to be guarded so as to not set her up for failure. Her parents had not been told of Darcy’s dream years ago about her path in life. As they were talking about Darcy’s options for the future, Darcy shared her dream, which was still vivid in her mind.

Comprehending with Deanna

When I was very young and even later on in school, I never fully understood what anyone meant when they said they comprehended a story or understood a poem. For me reading was about getting through the words on the page, like a forester clear cutting an acre of trees. In the end my success was getting to all the trees but never seeing the forest they had created.

Theo’s Perseverence

Later, Theo asked at church if someone had a room Mac could live until he got back on his feet. A retired couple whose children were out of the house, opened their home to Mac. The pastor helped find assistance with Mac’s PTSD at the Vet Center. The paperwork to get assistance was a road block to Mac’s getting the help he needed. The stress of this process was simply overwhelming for him to tackle between his learning difference, and his PTSD.

Interconnected Reasoning

She soon discovered how history and science which was encompassed in this field. This was very exciting to her. She knew she had found just the right path for her abilities. Sarah used many tools to aide her to perform in writing in college and in the field, as well.