Well, a week went by, and Grace had watched the video several times a day every day. After the third time she could watch without crying, and after the fifth time, she could be less critical of her movements. By the end of the week, Grace had watched it and just enjoyed the artful beauty of the dance, not even thinking about herself. She grew in her confidence and assurance that she could perform. Shelly called her near the end of the week and asked how she was feeling. Grace and Shelly had a nice chat and agreed to meet for practice, the next day.


It was not long before my mother was overwhelmed with her situation and with my problems. She was pregnant again and couldn’t conceive of managing with me around. That is when she put in an orphanage so that I could receive the kinds of support I needed. So, at two years of age, I was alone in an orphanage, unable to talk, and walking was difficult. Everyone assumed I was cognitively involved. Months after I arrived in the orphanage my mother died in childbirth along with my only biological sibling.


He laughed that same laugh I heard earlier, and said, “Once I was out school and not expected to meet someone else’s standards, I came to teach my-self to read little by little over time. Now I am no Einstein, but I enjoy a good book especially mysteries. I still get tripped up but now it’s by the authors design and has no obvious consequences for the reader. Its adventurous but not in the way that my brother and I tried to adventure all those years ago.”

Kyle’s Humility

Later when he had calmed down he was in his room rethinking his behavior. He recalled the dream and began investigating what humility is. He learned quickly that humility is admitting your weakness, your wrong, or your impulse. Kyle considered this for a while and concluded that he should help his parents, as he wanted the new furniture too.

Thirst for Knowledge

Conary’s teacher asked to talk with him after class that day. He went expecting to hear something about his poor performance, but he was pleasantly surprised by her assisting him in getting started on his project. With the template she had questions for Conary to answer from his knowledge she recorded these things win the appropriate places in the template. They then worked together on what Conary needed to know more about, and where he could go to get the information. She put all this together for him so that at home he would have the scaffolding to proceed with his project.