Thirst for Knowledge

Conary’s teacher asked to talk with him after class that day. He went expecting to hear something about his poor performance, but he was pleasantly surprised by her assisting him in getting started on his project. With the template she had questions for Conary to answer from his knowledge she recorded these things win the appropriate places in the template. They then worked together on what Conary needed to know more about, and where he could go to get the information. She put all this together for him so that at home he would have the scaffolding to proceed with his project.

Spatial Reasoning

John has designed some magnificent buildings. He still using his spatial reasoning all the time in all steps of the design process for the projects he is assigned. He is well known in his office for his reasoning skills as well as others come to him frequently to bounce ideas off him, because he is able to reason beyond what others are and give them direction in their designs.