I was quietly considering the darkness and the light in my mind’s eye, as I reflected on my life. It seemed only yesterday, that a much younger me, saw only darkness, failure, and uncertainty. The perceived dawning of light seemed to come only moments ago, so beautiful and heartwarming. My name is Theresa, this is my testimonial of a transformation journey with only the brightest illumination that a soul could ever experience.

Losing Heart

“I can’t read, that’s why!” screamed Jasmine. She buried her face into her pillows and cried heavily as her mother just rubbed her back. Shelly was equally upset inside, and asking herself many questions about their move and why she’d missed Jasmine’s reading issues. Jasmine quieted and fell asleep. Shelly covered her and left the room.

Comprehending with Deanna

When I was very young and even later on in school, I never fully understood what anyone meant when they said they comprehended a story or understood a poem. For me reading was about getting through the words on the page, like a forester clear cutting an acre of trees. In the end my success was getting to all the trees but never seeing the forest they had created.

Bobby’s “B”

One day, sometime later, while at tutoring Bobby was reading a word list and zooming along getting everything correct until he came across the word “gob”, and he misread it as “god”. Bobby stopped reading and said, “I know God. He is my savior and the one who is helping me learn to read and spell.”