Bound Roots

Hannah shared the story of helping her mother with the plants and tried to draw an analogy to bound roots in language. She said the bound root in language cannot grow like the bound roots of a potted plant because it needs a prefix or a suffix. Potted plants roots need space and soil. Her tutor encouraged her to keep making such connections to learning from other parts of her life, as it helps her hang on to the meaning of new learning as well. Hannah was kind of inspired by this connection she had come up with.


Jimmy has brown hair and loves baseball. He knows all kinds of facts and history on the sport. He is a fanatic for the Kansas City Royals, who has only watched on TV, despite living less than an hour from the ball park. He wears his Royals hat to school nearly every day. Jimmy is energetic and friendly, loves to play especially involving games or using his imagination. To know him without knowing his learning difference you would never suspect it. Now Jimmy does try to cover up his spelling and at times is embarrassed by his scores. This frustrates him and he tends to not really put much effort into his spelling.

Maggie’s Vocabulary

Months went by and Maggie had learned many Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes and how they worked together to make word families. She became intrigued with exploring the possibilities of combining prefixes, roots, and suffixes. She would spend a good portion of her time at tutoring with a root and building lists of vocabulary that can be built from the prefixes, and suffixes she knew and that were compatible with the root. Maggie did this for some time, and started noticing these patterns in words she was seeing at school.

Comprehending with Deanna

When I was very young and even later on in school, I never fully understood what anyone meant when they said they comprehended a story or understood a poem. For me reading was about getting through the words on the page, like a forester clear cutting an acre of trees. In the end my success was getting to all the trees but never seeing the forest they had created.

Bullying Fiona

But later that afternoon between classes the same groups of students started in again with Fiona in the hallway. Fiona tried to explain calmly what her accommodations are for and how they assist her sharing what she knows. This was only by more bullying of her being dumb, stupid, and incapable. Fiona felt herself becoming more and more upset, and the more this happened the quieter she became. This caused her bullies to keep it up even more.