Kyle’s Humility

Later when he had calmed down he was in his room rethinking his behavior. He recalled the dream and began investigating what humility is. He learned quickly that humility is admitting your weakness, your wrong, or your impulse. Kyle considered this for a while and concluded that he should help his parents, as he wanted the new furniture too.

Thirst for Knowledge

Conary’s teacher asked to talk with him after class that day. He went expecting to hear something about his poor performance, but he was pleasantly surprised by her assisting him in getting started on his project. With the template she had questions for Conary to answer from his knowledge she recorded these things win the appropriate places in the template. They then worked together on what Conary needed to know more about, and where he could go to get the information. She put all this together for him so that at home he would have the scaffolding to proceed with his project.

Dustin’s Day

Much to Dustin’s amazement, his teacher smiled a huge smile, and patted him on the shoulder. “That was very well said young man. You stated your main idea and kept your details organized and connected so I could follow your thinking. Let me ask you this, which version did you think was better, your written report or the one you just told me?”

Ms. D.’s Courage

Much of my life I have lived in fear, you see my dyslexia caused me to see the world from a lens of being less and needing to prove myself to others. Always seeking approval or assurances of my competency at school and work. This fearful life pattern was terribly disruptive to many of my relationships as I did not always see myself as an equal. This perception of how things were to go was inhibiting me from being my real self, and taking charge of who I was with confidence.


A couple of weeks later his nightmare became real. His English teacher assigned a written, report and oral presentation before the class. Paul was terrified, confused, and wanting to just say, “No way!” They had three weeks to research, and write their report and a week to prepare a presentation. Paul was so fearful, it couldn’t be worse.