On their next check-up with their doctor, they addressed their concern for his language development, as he was nearing eighteen months old. The doctor did his usual exam and records check before hearing the parent’s concerns. He spoke to the child to see what he could generate from him directly but got just what the parents had reported. He checked the child’s hears again and suggested he order an audiology exam to rule out a hearing loss. Bret’s parents agreed with this approach and were hopeful it would prove helpful.


Well, a week went by, and Grace had watched the video several times a day every day. After the third time she could watch without crying, and after the fifth time, she could be less critical of her movements. By the end of the week, Grace had watched it and just enjoyed the artful beauty of the dance, not even thinking about herself. She grew in her confidence and assurance that she could perform. Shelly called her near the end of the week and asked how she was feeling. Grace and Shelly had a nice chat and agreed to meet for practice, the next day.


Jill is finishing fifth grade and will be transitioning to middle school next year with her classmates, and students from fifth grades in other schools. Jill is very aware of this change coming up, as are her friends. They have conversations about all the, “What if’s?” and the constant rumors about middle school. They wonder about how they will manage all the differences from their current school.


I was quietly considering the darkness and the light in my mind’s eye, as I reflected on my life. It seemed only yesterday, that a much younger me, saw only darkness, failure, and uncertainty. The perceived dawning of light seemed to come only moments ago, so beautiful and heartwarming. My name is Theresa, this is my testimonial of a transformation journey with only the brightest illumination that a soul could ever experience.

Losing Heart

“I can’t read, that’s why!” screamed Jasmine. She buried her face into her pillows and cried heavily as her mother just rubbed her back. Shelly was equally upset inside, and asking herself many questions about their move and why she’d missed Jasmine’s reading issues. Jasmine quieted and fell asleep. Shelly covered her and left the room.